Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Craft Show update

Well, I decided to take some things and set up at the homecoming celebration this weekend. Now, keep in mind that i live in a very small rural area-- the school is k-12 all in one building if that gives you an idea. There was no fee to set up and maybe all of 10 vendors most of which were food of some kind. I went for the experience. It also helped that I live very close to the school so the set up and take down wasn't that bad at all. My hubby was nice enough to sit with me the whole time-- that's so nice of him :)
Anyways, I made a total of $112.00!!! Now to some this is minimal however, considering the nature of the event and the location I think it was a winner. Afterall, know your audience and location location. Both were against me.
This coming weekend i am going to set up in the next little community down the road.. we'll see how that one goes.
This was a good start for me and I am pleased with the end result.
I even sold the mariposa album that i just posted!!!


shari said...

Congratulations, Enjoy doing the craft fairs. Shari (cricutrookie)

Jen Young said...

WOW! THATS AMAZING! AND I THOUGHT MY MAKING $75 was good! LOL! Keep up the good work!