Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I've decided to throw out the idea that I would stick to any resolutions that I make... Therefore, instead I've decided that my goals will be:
1. Finish organizing my craft room-- closet is a nightmare
2. Compile all my fave recipes and make a recipe album
3. Start scrapbooking all my fave family photos- starting with the Heritage photos

Well-- who needs more than 3 goals... I don't want to seem like an over achiever..LOL besides- I'll be doing good to follow through on the 3 I've listed..

Ok- I'm off to wake up the ol' man and get in gear to go buy some tubs to stash the crap in my closet in.

Hope you all are successful in the goals/resolutions you have for 2011!!

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