Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrapbook Expo-- Duluth GA

Ok Ladies, I attended my first ever scrapbook convention/expo. Took the day off of work... drug the hubby with me... and loaded up and checked into the Holiday Inn in Duluth.
What a trip there...
FIRST-- God love GPS's. Keep in mind I live west of Knoxville so it's not like i really needed one to get to the atlanta area.. But hey-- I bought the damned thing... I'm gonna use it.. LOL
Sooo we decided to let it lead the way EVEN THOUGH, it was directing us through the backwoods areas that were uncharted. No Problem??? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
We ended up in what I will refer to as "Deliverance Country"....... Winding roads with little to no civalization. When there was life lurking around the corners, trust me it was interesting. Oh did I mention it felt like we drove for 4 weeks before ever finding any kind of mercantile to use a restroom. Well, I wish i would've copped a squat and got a lil closer to mother nature...
One positive note-- we drove through the Copper Basin area... How cute was that?? Wonderful. They are located on the Ocoee (sp?) River where the Olympics were once help and have tubing everywhere... I would stop in there again for sure.
Well-- long story short--- expo was good-- wish there would've been more things that I hadn't already seen, but overall a great weekend.

Did I mention we chose to take the interstate home-- LOL
We did manage to hit a couple of Antique Malls on the way home so that was nice

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